Feature List

  • Scribe is 100% macro code, and requires no other program to use, except Vedit Plus v5.x

  • over 100,000 word english dictionary (english.vdf)

  • lookup a word function with the ability to put word into Vedit Scratchpad, Windows Clipboard, or insert at edit position.

  • ability to setup multiple languages, which are sets of Vedit Dictionary Files (VDF), each language can have 3 to 12 dictionaries.

  • setting up new languages is easy, see enclosed setup.txt file for details.

  • spell check and word lookup can use different languages.

  • language used for spell check can be set to be determined by the file extension, or spell check can use the same language for every file type.

  • Scribe comes with special dictionaries for HTML (html.vdf) and Latex (latex.vdf) files. Also comes with a dictionary of file extensions (fileext.vdf).

  • learn new words function speeds up creation of new custom vdf files that are generated using documents you already have.

  • language selection and whether spell check language is determined by file extension can be set from within Scribe using the Options SubMenu.

  • dictionaries are just plain text files with one word per line. Editing dictionaries is easy.

    Special thanks goes to Dr. Friedrich Heberlein for compiling the words that make up the latex.vdf file.

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