Please note:

Scott Lambert shut down his VEDIT related website ca. in December 2005.

Before he did I copied the contents
and Scott allowed me to put anything from his site on to my site.

So here it is. A simple copy of Scott's VEDIT site as of December 2005.

Christian Ziemski

Welcome Vedit Plus User !

My name is Scott Lambert, and I have been using Vedit Plus, since v3.24 for MSDOS, which is circa 1990.

This site's purpose is to share Vedit Plus Macros, programming solutions, and user tips.
This site is intended for advanced Vedit Plus users.

If you have no clue what Vedit Plus is, please visit

But before I go on, some standard legal boilerplate :

"Vedit Plus is produced by Greenview Data Inc. Greenview Data, it's owners, and employees, do not endorse, and are not in anyway associated with this site or any of it's contents. Vedit, Vedit Plus, V-Spell, V-Print are all trademarks of Greenview Data Inc."

All other products mentioned are trademarks of the usual list of suspects.

Now that is done, some words to protect myself :

"All macros, programming solutions, and user tips, are presented "as is", Use at your own risk.
The macros, on this site, work for me with my particular configuration."

Now for the good stuff : Table of Contents