Program Quirks

Program quirks are things that either don't work for me, or seem strange. A Quirk is somewhere between a bug and a feature. These things may or may not happen with your configuration.

The Change Directory Quirk :

It appears a chdir() command will not take effect, if a file is already open in the current buffer. If you change to an empty buffer first, the chdir() command will work in the new empty buffer, until you load a file in the buffer.

Notice I said "will not take effect" above, this is because a chdir() command, executed in a buffer with an open file in it, will take effect once a buf_empty(ok) command is executed. For Example : you load the file from c:\vedit, you drop to command mode, and type in chdir("c:\") and return to visual mode, and go file open, you will appear to be still in c:\vedit. But now drop back to command mode and type in buf_empty(ok), and then return to visual mode, and go file open, notice you are in c:\.

Please see chfolder.vdm in the Macro Library, which allows you to change directories using point & shoot, and executes a buf_free before executing the chdir() command.

The Count,n Quirk :

When using the count,n command option, at least with the replace command, it must be the last option in the command.

This works : replace("abc","xyz",reverse+noerr+count,5)

This freaks Vedit : replace("abc","xyz",reverse+count,5+noerr)

Vedit appears to get confused by the comma in the count,n option, if count,n is not the last option. This quirk has been observed in both the Windows 32bit, and DOS versions.

The Alt-F6 Quirk :

It appears that you cannot assign a keystroke macro to Alt-F6 if Vedit Plus is running under Windows 95/98. You can assign a keystroke macro to Alt-F6, if Vedit Plus is running under Windows NT.

This quirk appears in both the 16bit and 32bit Windows versions. Unknown at this time if the DOS version is also affected. Greenview Data has been notified.

This is why I could never get Block-Copy to Cursor to work, I had it assigned to Alt-F6. My thanks goes to fellow Vedit Plus user Richard for helping determine the true nature of this quirk.

Htmltabl.vdm :

I find that the included version of this macro in vedit\user-mac doesn't work as is. You need to change the 'y' in :

if (#10=='y') {
ins_text("TABLE BORDER ")
(note : the "<" is missing here so it doesn't confuse your browser)
to 'Y', else the if statement is never true, because it can't receive a lower letter (see actual code). I wrote the original macro, and submitted it to Greenview and this error wasn't there then. It was introduced when they cleaned up the code so someone could actually understand it.

While you are mucking about in htmltabl.vdm you might want to change USER.TBL in the following comment :

// OR: Add this function to the {USER} menu by adding these lines
// to USER.TBL:


It has been like this for several versions of Vedit, so it is not a popular macro.

Update : I have had a report, that htmltabl.vdm will work "as is" when using it with the DOS version. I tried it again with the Windows 32bit version and it still doesn't work for me, unless I change the "y" to "Y". Go figure.

Giving Ascii Table a keystroke macro :

Update : This quirk has been fixed as of v5.12.1 12/09/98 of Vedit Plus.

I like to have Alt-F1 assigned to Misc - Ascii Table, however Box Drawing Mode winds up sporting the same hot key. Ascii Table comes up but my Misc Menu looks likes :

Ascii Table Alt-F1
Box Drawing Mode Alt-F1

Predefined String Value In_File :

This string value is supposed to give you the current input (read) filename. Doesn't work for me. Reg_set(10,in_file) gives a Bad Parameter error.

Solution : A person named Richard emailed me and said it is Input_File and not In_file. Both the printed manual and the PDF version have it listed wrong. Thanks Richard.

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