User Tips

Tip : Assign multiple functions to one key combo

Use the dialog_input_1 command in the Windows version of Vedit Plus to assign multiple functions to one keystroke. For example, if you have several functions where Alt-E would be the most logical key combo, create a macro to bring up a dialog box to select the particular function.

See htmlform.vdm and script.vdm in the Macro Library for a demo of this concept.

Tip : The Windows Version and DOSKEY

Doskey is a very useful and largely forgotten MSDOS utility that comes with Windows 95/98. It is handy to have it load in your DOS Prompt Windows for starting Vedit with it's many startup options.

For Example, possible aliases :

vedit=start c:\vedit\vpw.exe $*
wild=start c:\vedit\vpw.exe -x wildfile.vdm
view=start c:\vedit\vpw.exe -b $*
vprn=start c:\vedit\vpw.exe -p $*
cpdir=start c:\vedit\vpw.exe -x compdir.vdm $*

See doskey /? for help
Tip : Sometimes it is better to use the semicolon instead of the period in your template editing macros.

I find the semicolon better to use in template editing at least for HTML editing. Using the period restricts the number of two letter codes because of the file extensions. For example, using the period, you couldn't have .HT, because you wouldn't be able to type in .htm, however ;ht causes no problems.
Tip : Template editing is not just for programming

Template editing is also good for word proccessing. For example your initials could expand to your full name.

.co= your company name
.ca= your company's address
.ha= your home address
.bs= your boss's name

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