Welcome to Greenview Data's archived VEDIT board!

This is the "frozen" archive of VEDIT's old Webboard.

(The new forum - as of August 2011 - can be found at http://forum.vedit.com)

Please note:
The conference WebBoard - How to use it is almost completely obsolete in this archive
because this is an read-only archive and it's no longer driven by the original Webboard software!


  • In order to list the topics within a conference, expand them by clicking the conference name.
  • With activated JavaScript a page refresh (F5) collapses all conferences.
    Without JavaScript all conferences are always expanded.
  • The messages within the topics can then be read by clicking the topic's title.
  • Every message's topic in the window to the right is a link so that it's possible to bookmark/share/reference to it.

Some statistics:

  • The old board was active from 1998 until 2011
  • 795 users were registered
  • 263 user posted 4775 messages in 861 topics/threads

Thank you for visiting this archive!
Ted Green & Christian Ziemski