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Conf: VEDIT Sales and Info
From: Ted Green
Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 04:28 PM

A new VEDIT 6.13.1 dated 01-Jan-2005 is now available. The Windows (and DOS) versions can be downloaded from:

Enhancements include:

* "Flat to CSV" conversion of data files. Also, "CSV" to Flat" conversion
* "Open with VEDIT" in Explorer context menu
* "Sort lines & remove dupes" function
* Improved Unicode conversion (this was developed by various members of this Forum)
* New REN_FILES, BASE64 macros under {MISC, More macros}
* Improved "|" operator for regular expressions

The veditlog.txt file gives a short listing of each enhancement, change and bug fix:

The whatsnew.txt give gives a short summary of enhancments:

While only applicable to a small percentage of users, the new "Flat to CSV" conversion was a major effort on our part. (The flat-csv.vdm macro is nearly 1800 lines.) It is in many ways a small subset of our EBCDIC conversion macros.

The long requested "Open with VEDIT" function required writing the first .DLL for VEDIT - vshellx.dll.

The "Sort lines & remove dupes" function runs the very simple sort-dupe.vdm macro.