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Conf: VEDIT Suggestions
From: Ian Binnie
Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 03:16 AM

I often post text from my browser into Vedit to save.

I have found the steps necessary to navigate to the desired destination directory annoying and frustrating, especially as Vedit does not support the Windows Favourites.

I often just save into Vedit, with the intention of moving later, but then forget.

I had tried to put my preferred locations into Vedit Favourites, but this only allows files.

I decided to develop a simple process to set the Default Directory and came up with the following:-

Change Directory to D:\progs\Vedit\text
FO("D:\progs\Vedit\text\$$$.tmp",CHGDIR) FC(NOMSG|NOEVENT)

I have a series of similar entries in my Tools Menu.