Topic: 1st full beta-test of VEDIT 6.15 (1 of 2), Read 18 times
Conf: VEDIT Suggestions
From: Ted Green
Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 10:31 PM

The first beta-test of VEDIT 6.15 is now available.

VEDIT for Windows:


VEDIT and VEDIT Pro64 for Windows:


VEDIT for Windows and DOS:


Here is the veditlog.txt file for this version:

VEDIT LOG (veditlog.txt)

12/21/05 6.15.1
Improved handling of temp files on local/remove drives
Improved auto-detect of binary and text files
New {VIEW, Printer frame} show printer page breaks, right margin
New {SORT, Sort lines & remove dupes} removes duplicate lines
New {SORT, Sort lines by length}
Technical - Ability to run from CDROM or USB drive
Technical - Optional new style regular expressions - "()" groups
Technical - DI1() now allows 15 checkboxes, radio buttons, push buttons
Technical - DI1() has new "?*" hidden (password) input box
Technical - New Config(F_TEMP_DIR,"Temp file directory")
Technical - New AppMax(), IsAppMax and IsMaxByIni commands
Technical Fix - VEDIT could not start maximized from Opera
Beta-test (when {CONFIG, Emulation, Show FTP & email menu items} enabled)
New FTP edit, download, upload functions
New {FILE, Send as email} send file/block as email


Frankly, I don't yet remember all the bug fixes during this past year.

The doco on the new features is very sparse - only in the whatsnew.txt file; none yet in the on-line help.

This file has some doco on the new ftp support:


I will continue working on the doco when I get back from Christmas vacation.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas everyone!


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Topic: 1st full beta-test of VEDIT 6.15 (2 of 2), Read 17 times
Conf: VEDIT Suggestions
From: Christian Ziemski
Date: Monday, December 26, 2005 12:01 PM

On 12/21/2005 10:29:58 PM, Ted Green wrote:
>The first beta-test of VEDIT 6.15 is now available.

I now created the new conference "VEDIT Beta Test".

Replies regarding VEDIT beta versions may be posted there.