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From: Deleted User
Date: Thursday, March 04, 1999 08:08 AM

CONDCOB is a macro that will display a condensed view of a COBOL
program, only showing the paragraph names. From this condensed view you
can go directly to a particular paragraph by positioning the cursor on
the line and hitting CTRL-G. This will place you back in the the COBOL
source, positioned on the paragraph you chose. To go back to the
condensed view, just hit CTRL-G again.

CONDCOB is similar in idea to CFUNC, except that with CFUNC, once you
have picked a function to go to, you have to run CFUNC again to rebuild
the display to make another selection. With CONDCOB, the condensed view
is built once and just stays there in a buffer, which you can go to
anytime (via CTRL-G) and pick another paragraph. I find this type of
operation easier than the admittedly fancier operation in CFUNC.

In my keyboard definition, I have F2 set to NEXT BUFFER. CONDCOB
modifies this key to avoid the condensed view (i.e. only CTRL-G will go
to the condensed view). If you use a different hotkey to go to the next
buffer, you should change the macro.

By the way, CONDCOB allows you to have multiple COBOL files open, each
with its own condensed view. When you hit CTRL-G, it goes to the correct
condensed view for the file you were in at the time. Then, when you pick
a paragragh in the condensed view and hit CTRL-G, it will go to that
paragraph in the correct COBOL file.

CONDC will do a similar thing for C programs. It assumes that function
names start in column 1.


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Conf: VEDIT Macro Library
From: Fritz Heberlein
Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 01:00 PM

Your macro makes an nice outliner / analyzer for TeX input files, too. I have modified it a bit and now it
should work properly.