Topic: Cross reference for C sources (XREF-C) (1 of 1), Read 124 times
Conf: VEDIT Macro Library
From: Christian Ziemski
Date: Friday, March 12, 1999 09:01 AM

While trying CONDC.VDM from Richard Hureau and modifying it for my
needs I had some ideas for another macro:


It analyzes a C source code and creates a function cross reference.

After the creation of the reference lists you can toggle between
a line in the cross reference (buffer 3) and the appropriate location
in the source code (buffer 1) with the following keys:

F11 to the function call (=line number in the reference)

F12 to the function definition

Usage: Load the C source code into buffer 1 and then load/execute
the macro XREF-C.VDM.
It uses buffer 2 and 3 for the reference lists.

There is some additional documentation in the macro itself.

I created XREF-C within two days.
So it may not be perfect or foolproof but it works well for me.

With it's help it should be a little bit easier to understand an
unknown C source.
(That's one of the challenges I'm having in the next weeks...)

You can download it here: