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Conf: VEDIT Macro Library
From: Christian Ziemski
Date: Saturday, May 29, 1999 10:04 AM

Inspired by the posting from Colin Davies I remembered my old
It does something like project management. The macro contains the documentation in it.

And today I wrote another project tool:

It is implemented via VEDIT's menu files.
For these special menu files I created a subdirectory under VEDIT's home: C:\VEDIT\projects

Download the file ,
rename it to DEFAULT.MNU and move it into the projects subfolder.

The tool can be activated now with (maybe in STARTUP.VDM or in the user menu):

Key_Add("Alt-T",'[MENU]T',OK) //Force a hot-key to the menu

Now you can use it. It should be self explanatory.

The only disadvantage is that the project (menu) files have to be edited by hand carefully.
Default.mnu can be used as template.
The first 2 entries should be in every new project file without modification.

Until a perfect implementation by Ted and Tom that should work ...