Topic: launch.vdm, rmhtmblk.vdm, xmlins.vdm (1 of 1), Read 55 times
Conf: VEDIT Macro Library
From: Scott Lambert
Date: Friday, July 16, 1999 09:53 AM

Some new macros in the Macro Library at :

launch.vdm :

Call launch.vdm will cause the file you are editing to load in it's native application. So if you are editing index.html, and you call launch, your browser will load with index.html. Remember to save the file, just before, to see effects of most recent edits.

rmhtmblk.vdm :

removes HTML code from a highlighted block.

xmlins.vdm :

allows you to quickly insert a html/xml tag.
Asks for tag text on command line, whether you want the tag on or off and then adds the < & > and also capitalizes the tag.