Topic: Recall function (RECALL.ZIP) (1 of 1), Read 77 times
Conf: VEDIT Macro Library
From: Pauli Lindgren
Date: Thursday, September 23, 1999 08:39 AM

A few years ago, when Vedit did not have the recently used file list in File menu, I made these macros that implement the recall function. The function is implemented by using File Open event macro and the Session Restore function.

I still use it most of the time. I have put the macro call as first item in my User menu so that it is easy to access.

One advantage is that the list can contain 25 (or more) files. In addition, you can remove un-wanted files from the list, or change the order of files in the list.

Disadvantage is that it may clash with other macros (e.g. compiler support) that use the same resources.

The macros are packed in file:

The file RECALL.DOC contains the documentation.

-- Pauli