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Conf: VEDIT Macro Library
From: Ted Green
Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 09:26 PM

Here is a preview of what will be mentioned in the next newsletter:

As some of you know, we started an anti-spam service 1-1/2 years ago and this business is now rapidly expanding. Last month, it for the first time exceeded our VEDIT sales, will be up another 25% this month and will probably double again next month. While this is good for my business, it has taken up much of my time, which has caused VEDIT development to slow. I want to ensure everyone that VEDIT development will resume soon and that I have some very ambitious plans.

Our anti-spam service will receive a very favorable review in next month's issue of "Network Computing", a major IT magazine. Of the many services available, it will rank us as a top-3 service, perhaps even giving us their Editor's Choice award. We found out that our service was going to be reviewed last January. Realizing the importance of a good review, my brother Phil and I dropped everything else to enhance the service in time for the 2-week test period in February. Evidently it went very well. :-)

After we found out that we were getting a very good review, we decided to expand the business, including moving the anti-spam business to its own office space and hiring new people. We leased a new office with enough space for 15+ people, bought new furniture and computers, and hired two new people in just the last week and probably another person next week. We created a new company StamStopsHere, Inc. which already has 8 people completely separate from the VEDIT staff. A VPN connects the two offices. We are trying to build our own IP phone system using Linux.

All this has barely given me enough time to handle VEDIT technical support. I have worked through most issues mentioned in this forum, but not much else. Fortunately Tom Burt has had more time for VEDIT development lately, has finished the ftp support coding and much more. I just need to find time now to document it all and then release it. Once the new staff (including a business manager) is up to speed, and since my brother Phil can direct the business, I will again devote most of my time to VEDIT.

Assuming that the anti-spam business goes at well as we think it will, I would like to hire a Linux programmer to create (finish!) a Linux version of VEDIT. I always felt very unsure how to market/price VEDIT for Linux. The current plan is to simply make it Freeware! This should give it fast and wide distribution; we will of course continue to sell the Windows version VEDIT. I expect that a free Linux version will result in large increase in our Windows version sales.

As always, thank you for your support.