Topic: Enhanced LATEX.VCS for filenames with spaces (1 of 1), Read 13 times, 1 File Attachment
Conf: VEDIT Macro Library
From: Peter Rejto
Date: Sunday, June 19, 2011 03:25 PM


I did succeed in enhancing LATEX.VCS to handle project files with spaces in their names.

Actually, this was a simple exercise after Christian made such enhancements to C-INIT.VDM and C-COMPILE.VDM members of this family. In fact, all that I did, was to enhance the Search() command in the EMERGENCY STOP part of LATEX.VCS.

Here are the details:


In other words, I did replace a single search string by a set of two search strings. The new string added a double quote to the old string as per the Vedit on line Help File for long file names.

So, a big thank you to Christian for making this enhancement to the C-INIT.VDM and C-COMPILE.VDM macros.

I do hope that Fritz will have a chance to test my macro.

To avoid confusion with the original LATEX.VCS I called mine, MIKTEX.VCS I plan to upload right now. Actually, YAP.VDM also needed a small adjustment and I am uploading that too.