Topic: Conflict between the -q option and Xall (1 of 1), Read 17 times
Conf: VEDIT Macro Language Support
From: Ian Binnie
Date: Monday, August 20, 2007 02:35 AM

There seems to be conflict between the -q option and Xall.

I had developed a vedit macro, which I wanted to run in batch mode on a list of files.

This was tested, and works OK.

As I wanted to run on a large group of files, I tried to run in quiet mode, but found that it ran erratically, which seemed to be because the output file was not always closed, losing the changes in the output file.

When I wanted to run on a group of 12,000 files, the screen flashing would have been intolerable, so I tried the -q again.
The Help states that when the macro is done, it automatically saves all files and exits, so I got rid of the Xall, and all is fine.

I would not expect that having Xall, which saves all modified buffers would have had any adverse effect.

The relevant command line is:-

D:\vedit\vpw -w -q -s2 -ixxx -c"CALLF(39,'DateConvert.vdm') BS(BX) GP(EOL_Pos) RI(33) Xall" %1 -b #ZTTemp\~ChangeDate.cmd

Vedit opens the input file %1 in browse mode, and the output file ~ChangeDate.cmd
The macro extracts the date from the file, formats it as puts it in Text Register 33