Topic: Pauli's Preset.vdm and friends (1 of 1), Read 39 times
Conf: Installation, Configuration
From: Peter Rejto
Date: Friday, June 03, 2011 12:23 PM

In this conference, in\read?67019,31,\read?67021,31

Pauli Lindgren described his Preset.vdm macro. At the same time he emphasized that he is using it in place of the Ustartup.vdm macro.

I learned to respect the delicate task of editing configuration parameters. So, I am doing the job of migrating from Ustartup.vdm to Preset.vdm piecemeal:

The main task of my Ustartup.vdm macro is to load one of my custom user menu files. I did find the relevant 2 lines in Preset.vdm and adapted it to one of my custom menu files.
I ended up with the following macro:

// UA-DIALER.VDM, Created by Peter Rejto.
// User autoexec macro; possible replacement for USTARTUP.VDM ?
// Loosely follows Pauli Lindgren's PRESET.VDM,
// (See:\read?67019,31,\read?67021,31)
// As per on line Help Topic: Auto-Execute Macros
// Display string U-pr_dialer

Now it seems that I can just copy and paste the rest of my Ustarup.vdm maro into this one.

One of the advantages of this macro is that I can easily adapt it to loag another one of my user menu files.
(Something I tried, without succes in Ustartup.vdm.)

Looking forward to hearing the reactions of fellow Vedit Users to this combination of Ustartup.vdm and Preset.vdm.