Topic: Filename not highlighted when making File Open (1 of 1), Read 9 times
Conf: Startup, File Open, Exit
From: Klaus Munk Pedersen
Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 03:48 AM

Have been using Vedit since LONG TIME AGO - original under DOS!

Have changed from XP to Win7, and see a strange difference in the File Open dialog.

Under XP, when you press File Open (in my configuration Alt-O), the file name entry was highlighted, and you could immediately type in the file you wanted to open - very convenient.

Under Win7, this is not happening. No entry is highlighted (or selected), and if you start typing the file name, nothing is happening. Your first have to click on the 'File Name' entry via the mouse, and then type in the wanted filename. Despite the fact that 'n' (in file Name) is underlined, you cannot press Alt-N to select the File Name - only the mouse works!

Is this an error, or is I'm just missing a checkmark somewhere in the configurations....

Using Vedit 32bit, 6.15.4