Topic: Bug in "Insert register" in column mode (1 of 1), Read 7 times
Conf: Error messages, Crashes
From: Christian Ziemski
Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 03:39 PM


There seems to be a bug in "Insert register" in column mode when using
different File Types.

For example I have one file with DOS+Windows file type (CR/LF).
I highlight a columnar block (without the line ends) in that file and
copy it to the scratchpad (or another text register).

Then I switch to another buffer/file with Unix file type(LF) and
insert that register.

It is inserted correctly in column mode, but the line ends are wrong.
There is a trailing CR at the end of every inserted line, even if it
is in the middle of an original target line.

It looks like that the internal code adds CR/LF to the source block
but doesn't realize that foreign format while inserting it and so
correctly removes (eventually unneeded) LFs but ignores the foreign

An invisible conversion of that block from source (DOS) to target
(UNIX) format just before insertion should help.

That effect also happens when copying a block from DOS(CR/LF) to
MAC(CR) format.