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From: Pauli Lindgren
Date: Friday, November 02, 2007 08:39 AM

I just noticed that the function KeyShiftStatus is not included in vedit.syn syntax highlight file.

I then tried to find KeyShiftStatus from Online Help Index and then using Find tab, but it was not found. I wonder why, since it is listed in the Alphabetic list of commands. (I have often found the Index of the Help quite incomplete.)

The command is not mentioned in whatsnew.txt or in veditlog.txt. And of course it can not be found in the PDF manuals either.

By the way, when are the PDF manuals going to be updated? I believe the current versions describe Vedit 6.0. The PDF manuals are more important now since the Online Help does not work with Windows Vista.


The "What's New" page on Vedit web site,
is a bit outdated. The latest news it mentions is Vedit 6.13.