Topic: Editing PRJ-files (1 of 2), Read 31 times
Conf: Basic editing, Block operations
From: Michael Baas
Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 06:10 AM

Hello again,

one post leads to the other...

So I tried to edit the PRJ-file, but then decided I would not edit it,
rather redefine the whole project with only the files I want in the order I
want them. OK, said and done. Then I wanted to exit (no unsaved files), but
I just get a msg "File is being edited" and I am returned to the
edit-session. Neither the PRJ nor its DAT are being edited, so I wonder
what this message really means...

So I removed the auto-save, quit, restarted, redefined the PRJ and now was
able to save.




Topic: Editing PRJ-files (2 of 2), Read 29 times
Conf: Basic editing, Block operations
From: Pauli Lindgren
Date: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 05:17 AM

It has happened a few times to me that Vedit starts acting strangely when using projects. It may display some strange error messages, or refuse to perform some operation etc. If I close and restart Vedit and then open the same project, the problem continues. (Obviously because Vedit saves all the settings in the project.)

In addition, if you run some macros that reserve text registers but do not empty them on exit, you will eventually run out of free text registers. (You can check the used text registers with Help -> Text registers.)

When this happens, the problem can be solved as follows:
1. Close and re-start Vedit.
2. In File -> Project menu, un-check the option "restore full project on open"
3. Open the project and then close it (save changes).

If you have some special settings, user or tools menu etc. for the project, you have then set these again. (I use my old project.vdm macro to quickly set all the settings. The macro displays a dialog box with buttons for each of my project and then does the settings for that project.)