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Conf: WebBoard - How to use it
From: Ted Green
Date: Saturday, December 26, 1998 04:42 PM

Welcome to the VEDIT Conference

All VEDIT users and prospective customers are
welcome and encouraged to participate in this
conference. Besides the technical support
categories, we hope that VEDIT users will share
ideas, applications, suggestions, tricks and
macros with each other. Over time we hope this
will become a useful database of VEDIT knowledge.

Please do:

* Use the most appropriate category to post
messages that might be of interest to other users.

* Reply to any messages that interest you,
especially if you have the answers to questions or

* Edit any messages that you previously posted,
or delete any messages that are no longer

Please do not:

* Please don't ask questions related to your
customer status or specific orders. Instead, send
an e-mail to sales@... for prompt service.

We reserve the right to delete any messages that
we find inappropriate for this conference.