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Conf: WebBoard - How to use it
From: Ted Green
Date: Saturday, December 26, 1998 06:20 PM

Select "Help" on the top black menu bar for
complete on-line documentation on using the
WebBoard conference software.

According to WebBoard's terminology, each of the
20+ categories on the left side is a separate
"conference". We think this is confusing and a bad
choice of words. If you replace their "conference"
with "category", the on-line doco is easier to

You can optionally set up WebBoard to send e-mail
whenever new messages are posted in any categories
that interest you. Your reply to the e-mail will
then be posted as a new message or as a reply.
This is useful if you prefer to read and reply to
messages off-line without a Web browser. See the
on-line documentation topics "Setting up Email
Notification" and "Subscribing to Mailing Lists"
for details.

Feel free to use the "Test Area" to experiment
with WebBoard in any way you wish. We will
regularly delete all messages here.

Please note that WebBoard is a commercial software
package by O'Reilly & Associates. We cannot change
the way the software works or the contents of the
on-line help.

For more information about WebBoard, goto the