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Conf: WebBoard - How to use it
From: Ted Green
Date: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 03:37 PM

Please post new messages in the most appropriate
category. Here is a description of each category.
(Note that WebBoard calls each category a

WebBoard - How to use it
Post questions and "tricks" on using WebBoard
here. Please note that WebBoard is a commercial
software package by O'Reilly & Associates. We
cannot change the way the software works or the
contents of the on-line help.

Test area
Feel free to use "Test Area" as a way to
experiment with WebBoard in any way you wish. For
example, you might want to experiment with e-mail
notification and replies.

We will delete all message in the "Test Area" on a
regular basis.

VEDIT Sales and Info
Post non-technical sales and related messages

Please! DO NOT post "Where is my order?"
and "When does my subscription expire?" type
messages here. These waste the time of all other
conference participants. We will quickly delete
any such messages and not answer them. Instead,
send an e-mail to sales@... for prompt
customer service.

VEDIT Technical Support
Post technical messages in the most
appropriate sub-category. Please post each
separate question, problem or idea as a separate
message; this makes it easier for others to reply.

Please don't post suggestions here.

Use a descriptive topic header; a header of e.g.
"Cannot open Novell file" is much more useful than
"Problem with VEDIT".

VEDIT Suggestions
Post suggestions for improving VEDIT here. Please
post each suggestion as a separate message; this
makes it easier for others to reply.

VEDIT Macro Library
Post macros that other users might find useful
here. Keystroke macros, similar to those in
KEY-MAC.LIB, can simply be included in the body
of the text.

.VDM macro files can be uploaded into
ftp://ftp..../share. Then create a link to
the file in the message, e.g. by entering


VEDIT PLUS Macro Support
Post technical messages dealing with the VEDIT
macro language here. These can be questions,
tricks or suggestions - anything dealing with the
macro language which are too technical for more
casual users.

Classified Ads
We would prefer ads that are computer related
here, e.g. consulting services, but will allow
(within reason) a wide range of ads that might be
of interest to VEDIT users.

Please specify an expiration date for the ad.
However, we will delete all ads after at most one
year. Better yet, delete your own ads when they
are no longer applicable.

Other (Not related to VEDIT)
We would prefer discussion topics that are
computer related, e.g. Operating systems, ISPs,
etc., but will allow (within reason) a wide range
of discussions to take place here.

Please do not post any messages directly related
to VEDIT here. Greenview probably won't
participate much in this category.

We reserve the right to delete any messages that
we find inappropriate for this conference.