Topic: E-mail Support (1 of 1), Read 139 times
Conf: WebBoard - How to use it
From: Ted Green
Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 01:25 PM

WebBoard has two kinds of e-mail support.

* E-mail Notify (Not very useful). You are sent a
simple e-mail notification when a new message
has been posted in a category (conference) that
you have selected. You must then browse
WebBoard to read the message and perhaps reply
to it. These notifications are sent only once a
day, currently at about 1AM (EST).

* Mailing Lists (Very Useful). You are
immediately sent via e-mail all new messages
posted in the categories (conferences) to which
you have "subscribed". You can reply to the
message or enter a new topic message via

To enable E-mail Notify, click "MORE" on the menu
bar and then "E-mail Notify". Select the desired
categories (conferences) you wish to be notified
about; then scroll down to the bottom of the
screen and click the "Save" button.

To subscribe to Mailing Lists, click "MORE" on the
menu bar and then "Mailing Lists". Select the
categories (conferences) you wish to receive mail
from; then scroll down to the bottom of the screen
and click the "Save" button.

Mailing Lists are useful if you prefer to read and
reply to messages via e-mail and/or off-line
without a Web browser. To avoid too many e-mail
messages, only subscribe to the categories that
interest you, e.g. "VEDIT Suggestions" and "VEDIT
Macro Library". You can change your subscription
categories at any time.

If you place any "Classified Ads" you might want
to subscribe to this category.

The on-line help topics "Setting up Email
Notification" and "Subscribing to Mailing Lists"
describe these features in more detail. (Click
"HELP" on the menu bar.)