Topic: The latex.vcs file works like a charm in Miktex 2. (1 of 1), Read 13 times
Conf: VEDIT User Applications
From: Peter Rejto
Date: Thursday, August 23, 2007 10:34 PM

Hello Fritz,

ow are you? Recently, I have upgraded my Miktex to version 2.6. So, I thoght to let you know that your latex.vcs file works like a charm.
I have also succeeded in configuring Vedit to be the inerse search editor of the new Yap.

The Miktex 2.6 setup program also gave me glimpse of Texnic, the suggested IDE. When I looked at their Insert Menu, I was wondering whether I have seen something like that before?
Indeed, you texenvir.vdm file is simpler version of theirs.

So, I was womdering whether one could call a Dialog_Input_1 file from another such file. It turned out that this was simple to do. In fact, I ahve adapted one of your earlier texenvir.vdm file to do exactly that. I called the new file, FH-PR_texenvir.vdm.

I shall try to upload it right now.