Topic: Scribe 4.1 upgrade (1 of 1), Read 13 times, 1 File Attachment
Conf: VEDIT User Applications
From: Scott Lambert
Date: Saturday, July 31, 2010 03:29 PM

Attached is the upgrade to Scribe v4.1. You need to have Scribe 4.0 installed to use this upgrade. The zip file only contains the *.vdm and *.txt files. This is so that it is easy to install without concern about overwriting your scribe.ini file or any custom *.vdf files.

- fixed bug: Automode would not work if block was selected from bottom to top

- fixed bug: displaying context of word might fail if not found word was on last line using options 2 or 3 from main menu

- fixed bug: scribe.ini not saved after change to bytype status

- user suggestion: the Scribe folder can now be off the Vedit folder or the user-mac folder see installation instructions in readme.txt file

- user suggestion: the Edit Word option of the Correction Submenu now only adds new word to the user.vdf file if word is not found in all dictionaries of current language

- user suggestion: Scribe allows comments in its VDF dictionary files - see setup.txt

- the vedit.vdf file is now included. Vedit.vdf is a dictionary of Vedit macro commands. Seems reasonable that a spell checker for Vedit to have the option of not flagging its macro commands.

Only the files that have changed say v4.1. This is in the event someone has a problem, it is easy to determine which version of a particular vdm they are using.

As always I appreciate comments, bug reports, and suggestions.

Thank you for trying / using Scribe for your Vedit spell checking needs.