Topic: Expanded thesaurus file & refinements (1 of 1), Read 7 times, 1 File Attachment
Conf: VEDIT User Applications
From: Scott Lambert
Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 02:21 PM

Attached is an expanded thesaurus data file (now over 30K in size).

Also in the zip file is the most up-to-date versions of the *.vdm, *.msg, *.dat & *.txt files for Scribe. Think of it as a refined v4.2, just tweaks here & there.

I feel with this mini-update, the Scribe code is fully debugged (sticking my neck out as it were). I can use this as base code for future enhancements. Whatever version you are using, please download this update.

One of the tweaks is a minor speed improvement. On my system, Scribe now processes 20 words per second versus 16 words per second. That is an extra 240 words per minute. I don't know if you will notice a difference in real life, it depends on so many variables.

Basically Scribe now uses its ignore this session buffer as its "short term memory", all correct words encountered are added to this buffer. This saves time especially when the current language has more then one special dictionary.

Thank you for using/trying Scribe. I hope you are finding it useful.