Topic: Final beta-test of VEDIT 6.15 (1 of 1), Read 49 times
Conf: VEDIT Beta Test
From: Ted Green
Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 03:26 PM

The final VEDIT 5.15 "betatest" is available at: (32-bit Windows only) (32 and 64-bit Windows) (Windows and DOS)

* On-line help is complete for FTP and email support. The "Whats New" topic in the on-line help has links to the new sections.

* Installs onto USB drive - this option does not affect the current installation, e.g. it does not change the registry, it DOES NOT create icons to the USB drive.

* Christian Ziemski's "Linenumbers" macro is included as {EDIT, Insert, Line numbers}.

The current plan is to (finally) "release" 6.15 this week, send out a newsletter and to release 6.20 next month with only a few enhancements. 6.20 will include:

* Continue improvements to FTP support
* Include Christian Ziemski's UTF-8 conversion
* Read-only option in Wildfile and Wilfile wizard as suggested by Ian Binnie
* A new "Publish" function to send files via ftp, SecureFX or other programs

Here is the veditlog.txt for this version:

03/22/06 6.15.1
New FTP edit, download, upload functions (Betatest)
New {FILE, Send as email} sends file/block as email (Betatest)
Improved handling of temp files on local/remote drives
Improved auto-detect of binary and text files
New {EDIT, Insert, Line numbers} inserts left-side line numbers
New {EDIT, Sort, Sort lines & remove dupes} removes duplicate lines
New {EDIT, Sort, Sort lines by length} sorts all lines in file by length
New {EDIT, Sort, Reverse line order} reverses order of lines in file
New {VIEW, Printed page boundary} show printer page breaks, right margin
Minor - Default keyboard layout assigns to [NEXT TAB STOP]
Minor - will delete small highlighted block
Technical - Ability to run from CDROM or USB drive
Technical - Optional new style regular expressions - "()" groups
Technical - DI1() now allows 15 checkboxes, radio buttons, push buttons
Technical - DI1() has new "?*" hidden (password) input box
Technical - System() now support shell string of up to 1000 chars
Technical - New Num_Type(n,BIT64) and Num_Type(n,FORCE) options
Technical - New Config(F_TEMP_DIR,"Use temp file directory")
Technical - New AppMax(), IsAppMax and IsMaxByIni commands
Technical Fix - VEDIT could not start maximized from Opera
Fix - Misc problem when {VIEW, Rulers} were enabled

Please report any serious problems that you find.

Thank you.