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Conf: VEDIT Beta Test
From: Ted Green
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011 06:09 PM

I have uploaded a tentative 6.20.2 to the VEDIT website.
It can be downloaded from:


Here are some of the changes:

VEDIT LOG (veditlog.txt)

05/26/11 6.20.2
Faster (4x) Scribe spelling checker
Minor - Rename {CONFIG, Associate file types} to "Windows integration"
Technical - New Buf_Switch(r,VALUE,size) option
Technical - New Reg_Prep() command to optimize macros for speed
Fix - Scribe didn't work under Vista/Win7
Fix - Startup.vdm had wrong default location for ustartup.vdm


Mostly I have worked a lot on the Scribe spelling checker, making it much faster.
Two rather obscure macro language additions:

Buf_Switch() New Buf_Switch(r,VALUE,size) option sets the allocated memory
size of a new buffer to 'size' instead of the default (which
is currently 128 Kbytes). The allowable range of values is
16K - 4Meg. (16000 - 4000000)

Reg_Prep(r) Optimize (prepare) the VEDIT macro in T-Reg 'r' for faster
execution by stripping extra whitespace and comments. 'r'
can be the currently executing macro.

Reg_Prep() has actually been around for a long time, but we never documented it.

I implemented the Buf_Switch() option for the Scribe macro's main 1.2 Meg dictionary, but it didn't make much difference. (However other things made a huge difference.)

We have been testing larger edit buffer sizes, but generally don't see big speed improvements in using larger ones. Therefore the default size is still only 128K. I will soon adjust the size according to the size of the file being opened (if any) and likely vary it between 64k and 2 megs.

I didn't make any changes/improvements to the installation process as that is rather tricky and needs lots of testing on different versions of Windows. It seems to be working reasonably well right now.


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