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For almost all of my editing tasks on Windows boxes I'm using the allround text editor VEDIT from Greenview Data Inc. available at .
It's known as the "Swiss Army Knive" under the text editors.

Back in 1992 I began using VEDIT. It has been the shareware VEDIT jr. 1.2 for DOS...
Within a few weeks I decided to grade up to VEDIT PLUS and since then I've been with it through all the versions.

Over the years I became a real fan of VEDIT and have written many macros for it.

VEDIT uses a C-like macro language which is very powerful but easy to read and understand.
(While writing this history I looked at the old macro language just for fun.
That language has been used up to version 3.7 and was changed to the C-like one in 1994.
Wow, what a change! That old one has been powerful too, but from the point of view of today was a little bit horrible ;-) )

With the new macro language everyone should be able to create own macros to help with editing tasks.

This site's purpose is to share my macro collection. This way I would like to show how powerful and flexible VEDIT is.
Most of the macros I've written myself, some are modified originals from Greenview and
some others are written by other users (names included in the description or in the macro itself).

So hopefully this site will become a library of tools and macros for VEDIT users.

Of course many of the macros are designed to solve special problems but those ones could be at least used as examples or templates.
Many other macros should be of general interest.

Here are the macros   (Last changed at 2009-01-15)   (Note: No warranty. Use at your own risk.)

Since I'm now more and more using Linux in favour of Windows my activities regarding Vedit decreased somehow. But not completely!

Some additional sources (in no special order):

Ian Binnie:
Pauli Lindgren:
John H.
Fritz Heberlein has had some (especially for TeX users) useful macros here: Fritz Heberlein's VEDIT site (in German) (Unfortunately offline now. Will see...)
Scott Lambert, another VEDIT user, has had his own VEDIT site with many macros and tips:
(Scott's site is down for some time now. But he allowed me to copy the contents. So here is a snapshot as of 12/2005.)

Another source of interesting macros and discussions is the Vedit Forum where everybody can participate.
(The archive of the older forum (up to Aug-2011) is still available here.)

This site is done by myself as a VEDIT user. Greenview Data Inc. has nothing to do with its contents.
Since English isn't my native language there may be errors in the text.

Comments are always welcome!     

Site created:  21-Jun-2001
Last change: 04-Jan-2013