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I was looking for a good To-Do/Notes/PIM application for a long time.
Then in 2006 I discovered wikidPad, which seems to fit very well.

To make it even better I found out that it's written and easily extendable - in Python!
And that's the language I began to learn (and love) that time.

So I wrote my first Python program - an extension for wikidPad.

Now I'm using wikidPad (currently version 2.3beta) under Fedora Linux and Windows 7 every day.

Many thanks to Jason Horman and Michael Butscher, the main authors of wikidPad!

My pieces

The documentation of my wikidPad things is on the following pages:

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Site news
2014-08-15 Firefox tab lister New extension: getting Firefox tabs into Wikidpad (as a sort of bookmark collector)
2012-07-25 ToDo-Extension New beta version with enhanced todo filtering (AND condition; searches in page name too)
2011-06-06 ToDo-Extension Fixed Björn's hack and enhanced handling for 'done's (ToDoDone)
2011-05-15 ToDo-Extension (Experimental) Merged Bjorn's hack to automatically date-tag todos on wiki pages like 'yyyy-mm-dd')

Older entries are listed on the old history page.